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Śraddhā School of Yoga

Our school embraces you just as you are.  We support you on your path of alignment to your true essence, a path that enables you to experience a deep “ok-ness” with life as is! 

Śraddhā School aspires to guide all students and teachers in comprehensive training’s to bring about transformation and ignite a joy and passion for life. We conduct advanced studies programs, intensives, and train yoga teachers providing an experienced, well-studied, and dedicated faculty .

A program or training from Śraddhā School of Yoga will always have an inspiration from yogic philosophy, clear alignment instructions, and a supportive community.

 Śraddhā Yoga School is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga School and goes beyond the requirements of Yoga Alliance to give you the best training experience possible.

Alignment Tips

Basics to achieve vasistasana/side plank

Here is a short video giving you all of the necessary basics to achieve vasistasana.  Once you have the foundational alignment understanding in mind and body, the fun variations will follow with ease.

Yoga Philosophy

What is perfection?

Have you ever wondered what it means to be perfect?  Have you been told that something is “perfect” just the way it is?  Is the word “perfect” hold in your mind an unattainable ideal?  Well, maybe this video will explain what we think “perfect” means.  Doesn’t that just sound PERFECT?!

Tips for Teachers

Teaching as a Service

Build a community by showing up for your students with your whole heart.  It is important to remember that teaching yoga is a service. Here are some great things to put into action.

Train With Us

Learn More

We offer many options for continued yoga studies from weekend workshops to advanced teacher training’s.  If you are curious and want to go beyond your hour and half asana class, check it out here!

Śraddhā School empowers its teachers to lead a yoga practice centered on experiencing heart qualities, incorporating life-affirming yoga philosophy, and skillful application of alignment principles.

This dynamic combination assures that students experience the true potential of yoga practice uniting mind, body, energy, and spirit and allowing the inner state of harmony to unfold naturally in individual and group experience.

Enicia Fisher