Asana Lab

Understand and experience your back bends with more clarity and depth.

with Doreen Madison 

This Asana Lab series will focus on deepening your back bending postures safely and effectively.

All sequences are designed to show you how to carefully push your limits while building your capacity.

You will learn basic anatomy to help you grow and expand your practice.

All anatomy sessions will be filled with great animations and pictures so you can have a clear image of what your body is doing when you decide to perform a back bend. This will help you to refine your actions within to advance your postures and to enjoy your asana practice even more.

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February 11       12:00pm – 3:30 pm

 We are taking a closer look at the spine and shoulder girdle and apply our insights to an asana practice that is designed to increase mobility in your upper spine and stability and length in your lower spine. You will be able to find greater depth without compression in the lumbar spine. This will  build a foundation for all following workshops of this series.

Homework -if you wish.  Receive an online class, offering a shorter version of the previous session, so you can continue to refine your understanding of your unique optimal alignment.

  • One online yoga class: Increase mobility and strength in your upper body

February 19       12:00pm – 3:30 pm

We’ll be doing the same as in our first session but this time with the focus on your hips and legs. It will be interesting to compare your back bends with these very different approaches. We will also start working on increasing your endurance and strength to perform deeper back bends. Explore many different entry ways into urdhva danurasa /wheel.

Homework -if you wish.

  • One min online yoga class: Increase mobility and your hips and legs

 These practice is suitable for all students (well, you should have a regular practice for a few at least 4 month and have no injuries like a herniated disks or rotator cuff injury)

Depth and Clarity

You don’t have to be able to perform all poses below yet. I will offer lots of tools and techniques to move towards these poses.


If your already quite comfortable with them – I got you covered too. Learn how to refine your actions and alignment to find greater depth or different approaches to these postures.

Asana Lab - back bends - Christina Sell.001

March 11            12:00pm – 4:00pm

We will to continue to study the function and structure of the body as it relates to back bends. Time to take it up a notch. Let’s explore different approaches to the same poses as well as understand differnet types of back bends.

  • Head stand drop overs
  • Dwi pada viparita dandasana


I am not able offer an in person class this month but I want make sure you can continue your practice. You will receive an online 90 min practice covering and building on our March session.

Practice in your home – maybe with a friend to have more fun. 

May 13       12:00pm – 4:00pm

One more anatomy session and a review of what we have learned so far. We are going to apply our knowledge to work on these poses:

  • Drop backs
  • Kapotasana

They are called drop backs. We will attempt to build more endurance and work on refinement on sequential actions to slow down the “dropping down” part by working on a cntrolled decent. Find out how you can utilize a chair to build capacity and learn the techniques, even if you can’t do a drop back form standing yet.

June 18        12:000pm – 4:00pm

Just practice! Bringing it all together. Make sure to enjoy a good breakfast and be ready for this deep immersion into back bends. We get out all toys and tricks.

Less breaking down of poses and a little less instructions for my end (maybe even some music J ). We’ll be creating some heat and sweat, so please bring a towel or two J.  

I’ll bring chocolate and coconut water, whoo hoo yoga party!

Foundation Package

Feb 11. & Feb 19. 2017

  • 2 Anatomy sessions (PDF available if you wish)
  • 2 in person asana practices
  • 2 online yoga classes
  • PDF of sequences


These practice is suitable for all students (well, you should have a regular practice for a few at least 4 month and have no injuries like a herniated disks or rotator cuff injury)

Depth and Clarity Package

Feb 11 – June 18. 2017 (Includes the foundation package)

  • 4 Anatomy sessions  (PDF available if you wish)
  • 5 in person asana practices
  • 3 online yoga classes
  • PDF of all sequences


March – June practices require experience and endurance to practice for 3-4 hours.

This teacher training is designed sequentially one weekend building on the pervious. That said, I am aware that we all have busy schedules and you might not be able to commit to all weekends. No problem, I will help you to get to most out of each individual weekend.

Single Class (plus access to 3 online classes and all sequences PDF )


You will be able to save your space in January 2017.

We will be using props to clarify, educate, modify and to increase intensity:

  • Blankets
  • Blocks
  • Chairs
  • Bolster
  • Straps

    At the Temecula Yoga Collective

    27493 Ynez Rd.
    Temecula, CA 92591


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This workshop series is greatly inspired by my teacher Christina Sell. I was able to train with her for hundreds of hours in person and online. I have gained the majority of knowledge and inspiration for this workshop series from her online webinar “Asana Junkies” and the 300 hour teacher training Achlemy of Flow and From.  Thank you Gioconda Paker for all your experience and wisdom as well.

Thank you, Christina, for your love for detail and your ability to look at the same situation from different perspective and for offering your amazing trainings and workshops.


Please check in with me if you have more questions:

Much Love, Doreen