200 Hour Teacher Training Part2 Seva

Teaching as a Service

Your yoga practice has made you more aware of yourself and helped you to experience more joy in your life. The shifts in your life are so exciting that you want to share the practice with others. It’s time to take the next step, attend a teacher training, and become a yoga teacher.

 “I am keenly aware how helpful it would be for all my friends and family.  I feel like a walking billboard sometimes…because I want everyone to be a yogi! “  Rebecca Fredrickson form Texas.

Seva literally means service and being a yoga teacher can be the biggest service you may undertake.


After completing Adhikara we will train you how to teach the principles and philosophies that you embodied in Adhikara.  Adhikara and Seva are the beginnings to a deep and lifelong study of yoga.  You will have the skills, knowledge, and awareness to take you wherever your heart calls.


  • You inspire your students to do their best and to recognize their own greatness because you are providing the optimal environment for your students to expand into their full potential.
  • You teach with confidence and express your own insights with authenticity. 
  • You are deeply connected with your Self and you are teaching from the Heart. Only then, will you know that you have the power to make positive shifts in your students’ lives.
  • You are a yoga teacher with a deep understanding of the function of the human body and the principles of alignment of yoga postures/asana
  • You know how to accommodate for the injuries and limitations of your students
  • You know how the body works to create effective sequences that lead your students to poses they never dreamed of achieving
  • You are part of a community that celebrates our differences and is open to learn from each other.

Seva expands upon Adhikara and gives you the tools to share this transformative practice effectively in order to be of service to the growing yoga community.  We help each student who aspires to teach to find his/her own voice and authentically bring his/her experience of the practice into the world.  In order to participate in the 100-hour Seva program, you must first complete Adhikara.  After adhikara, you will have a good grasp on Śhraddhā School of Yoga’s methodology and we can dive right into the techniques of teaching.

The impact and compassion you have can make the difference in many lives.  Śhraddhā School of Yoga wants you to be well-prepared to undertake this very important service. This is why our teacher training program takes a significantly longer period of time to complete than many other programs available.


Being a teacher can hold an important space in many people’s lives.  

Meet our Faculty

Receive more than one perspective from several teachers with different backgrounds to help you to come to your own understanding.

 This teacher training helped me to realized the path I would like to take as a yoga teacher and as a yogini. The curriculum goes above and beyond what is required of any RYT training.  I am so grateful to my beloved teachers at the Śhraddhā School of Yoga, and I feel so blessed to be part of the amazing community

Adriane Alvarez

Yoga Teacher

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