Śraddhā is where I put my heart.  I have confidence in my community, faith in what we can achieve together, and trust in the practice of yoga as it presents itself to me at any given moment in life.

Ashley Fiala

Founder and Lead Trainer, Read bio and find weekly classes here

Śraddhā:  I have the confidence to say that I have learned and experienced something long enough to understand that following this path aligns with my heart desire.  Because of what this path has offered so far my curiosity and excitement to expand and explore is refreshed every day.

Doreen Madison

Managing Partner, Teacher Trainer, Anatomy Geek, Read bio and find weekely classes here

To me Śraddhā means letting my heart lead the way.  So much of life is about getting out of the way of yourself and letting the true heart connect to the one big heart.  In that space is when I can really listen to the messages of the heart, the hrdaya, and know where to put myself into action.  To me Śraddhā is the action of the heart.

Danny White

Managing Partner, Kirtan and Kriya, Read bio and find weekly classes here

Śraddhā:  Sutra 1-20 lists Śraddhā as the first (and thus most important) requirement for the aspiring student of Yoga.  The goal of Yoga is vast, requiring sustained dedication.  In order to be open to such a goal, one must have a degree of confidence in the worthiness and attainability of the goal.  Śraddhā is that confidence as well as the deep longing that comes with the first taste of the fruits of Yoga, essential for the sustained effort required for success.

David Kuttruff

Neelakantha Meditation and Yoga Philosophy, Read bio and find weekly meditations here

Shannon Lynch

Anatomy and Prenatal, Read bio here

Śraddhā means to me: A steady, expansive place to explore my yogic journey that is love and support.  A place where we reflect our truest nature and virtues and values are held to the highest regard.

Jamie Beavers

Teacher Trainer, Asana Butt-Kicker, Read bio and find weekly classes here

Elissa Marshall

Asana and Sequencing, Read bio and find weekly clases here