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Online Yoga Classes

Our Virtual  School of Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes and tools for yogis, teachers, and athletes.

Tips, Ideas and View's

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Enjoy an extensive collection of tips and guidelines to enhance your yoga practice and teaching skills. We have a variety of yoga teachers sharing their experience, knowledge and ideas with you.

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200 Hour Teacher Training

 Adhikara and Seva

Adhikāra opens the door for any yoga student who wishes to deepen his understanding of yoga; including asana, anatomy, pranayama, meditation, mantra, and philosophy. After completing the first 100 hours we will train you to teach the principles and philosophies that you embodied in the first part of the 200 hour TT. 

300 Hour Teacher Training

 Beyond Seva 

As a teacher, do you know how to effectively assist someone who has had a hip-replacement, herniated discs, or meniscus tear?  What about anxiety or depression?  Do you know what pranayamas or breath patterns are effective in assisting someone suffering from these? How about sleeplessness or even high blood pressure? Do you know where the new age phrase “we are all one” has its roots?  Or “follow your bliss”?

Find answers to these questions in this training.

Online Yoga Classes

Virtual School of Yoga 

For our yogi friends, these classes are a great addition to your weekly practices and will give you guidance when you can’t make it to the studio. For teachers, we have provided well constructed, clearly instructed sequences, and yoga teachings for your inspiration. 

Athletes, we have experienced many of the techniques we offer to be great for recovery and assist you in improving your performance while staying free from injury.

Our school embraces you just as you are. 

We support you on your path of alignment to your true essence, a path that enables you to experience a deep “ok-ness” with life as is! 

Seva 5.005

Shraddhaa School of Yoga

Śraddhā School aspires to guide all students and teachers in comprehensive trainings to bring about transformation and ignite a joy and passion for life. We conduct advanced studies, programs, intensives, and train yoga teachers providing an experienced, well-studied, and dedicated faculty .

A program or training from Śraddhā School of Yoga will always have an inspiration from yoga philosophy, clear alignment instructions, and a supportive community.

 Śraddhā Yoga School is a 500 Hour and 300 Hour Registered Yoga School and goes beyond the requirements of Yoga Alliance to give you the best training experience possible.

Online Yoga Classes

Our Virtual School of Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes and tools for yogis, teachers, and athletes.  In our virtual school you will find a 30-minute sequence to open your shoulders, a mantra and its meaning, guided relaxation, a 90-minute class taking you deeply into a specific category of asana (posture), and so much more.

 Our classes include detailed alignment instruction, inspiration drawn from yoga tradition, and a light-hearted approach.

Śraddhā School empowers its teachers to lead a yoga practice centered on experiencing heart qualities, incorporating life-affirming yoga philosophy, and skillful application of alignment principles.

This dynamic combination assures that students experience the true potential of yoga practice uniting mind, body, energy, and spirit while allowing the inner state of harmony to unfold naturally in individual and group experience.

Enicia Fisher